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DFI LanParty DK X58-T3eH6 Intel X58 + ICH10R Chipset Supports both NVIDIA SLI and ATI Crossfire ATX Motherboard - Retail

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Motherboard Manufacturers : DFI Motherboards

Socket : Socket 1366 Motherboards

Form Factor : ATX Motherboards

Chipset : Intel Chipset

Feature :

When you have to clear CMOS setting into default, you don't need to open the case anymore! There is a unique circuit in LANParty DK X58-T3eH6 series, just press "Power" & "Reset" buttons in the motherboard or PC case at the same time, the CMOS will be set into default.

DFI LanParty DK X58-T3eH6


  • DFI new technology “ABS” provides you a convenient way to optimize your own system.
  • “ABS” Utility provides backup / load function, let customers are able to do; Backup OC profile / Load OC profile / Exchange OC Profile.



Specification : DFI LanParty DK X58-T3eH6

Model: DFI LanParty DK X58-T3eH6

CPU  : Supports LGA 1366 socket for Intel® CoreTM i7 processors
Intel® QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) technology - point-to-point
interface that connects to X58; providing a dynamically scalable
interconnect for increased bandwidth, lower latency and stability
Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) supports 3 channels of DDR3
Intel Hyper-Threading Technology delivers 8-threaded performance
6-phase digital PWM provides stable voltage to the CPU

QPI  : System bus - 4.8GT/s to 6.4GT/s

System Memory :     Six 240-pin DDR3 DIMM sockets
DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600(O.C.) MHz DIMMs
Triple-channel memory architecture
Supports up to 24GB system memory
Delivers up to 43.2GB/s bandwidth
Unbuffered x8/x16, non-ECC and ECC, up to 4Gb DDR3 devices
Windows® 32-bit operating system is unable to accurately detect
more than 4GB system memory. Therefore, if you are using this
operating system, we strongly recommend that you install a less than 3GB system memory.

Expansion Slots : 3 PCI Express (Gen 2) x16 slots -
2-way SLI or Quad CrossFireX configuration at x16/x16/x4 transfer rate lanes
1 PCI Express x4 slot
2 PCI slots

8Mbit SPI flash memory
CMOS Reloaded

Graphics : Multiple GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit)
3 graphics cards in 3-way SLI or Quad CrossFireX configuration

Audio : Realtek ALC889 High Definition audio CODEC
8-channel audio output
108dB Signal-to-Noise ratio (SNR) playback
DAC) quality and 104dB SNR recording (ADC) quality

LAN : Marvell 88E8053 PCIE Gigabit LAN controller with Teaming technology
Fully compliant to IEEE 802.3 (10BASE-T), 802.3u (100BASE-TX) and 802.3ab (1000BASE-T) standards

 Storage : Intel ICH10R chip - Intel Matrix Storage technology
Supports up to 6 SATA devices - SATA speed up to 3Gb/s
RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0+1 and RAID 5
JMicron JMB363 PCI Express to SATA and PATA host controller
Supports up to 2 UltraDMA 100Mbps IDE devices
Supports 2 SATA devices - SATA speed up to 3Gb/s - RAID 0 and RAID 1

IEEE 1394 : VIA VT6308P
Supports two 100/200/400 Mb/sec IEEE 1394a ports

Rear Panel I/O  : 1 mini-DIN-6 PS/2 mouse port
1 mini-DIN-6 PS/2 keyboard port
1 optical S/PDIF-out port
1 coaxial RCA S/PDIF-out port
6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
1 IEEE 1394 port
1 RJ45 LAN port
Center/subwoofer, rear R/L and side R/L jacks
Line-in, line-out (front R/L) and mic-in jacks

Internal I/O : 3 connectors for 6 additional external USB 2.0 ports
1 connector for an external COM port
1 connector for an external IEEE 1394 port
1 front audio connector
1 CD-in connector
1 IrDA connector and 1 CIR connector
8 Serial ATA connectors
1 40-pin IDE connector and 1 floppy connector
1 24-pin ATX power connector
1 8-pin 12V power connector
2 4-pin 5V/12V power connectors (FDD type)
1 front panel connector
6 fan connectors
1 download flash BIOS connector
1 diagnostic LED
EZ touch switches (power switch and reset switch)

 Power Management : ACPI and OS Directed Power Management
ACPI STR (Suspend to RAM) function
Wake-On-PS/2 / Wake-On-USB Keyboard/Mouse
Wake-On-LAN and Wake-On-Ring
RTC timer to power-on the system
AC power failure recovery

Hardware Monitor : Monitors CPU/system/Northbridge temperature and overheat alarm
Monitors Vcore/Vdimm/Vnb/VCC5/12V/V5sb/Vbat voltages
Monitors the speed of the cooling fans
CPU Overheat Protection function monitors CPU temperature and fan during system boot-up
automatic shutdown upon system overheat

Warranty :

DFI LanParty DK X58-T3eH6 30 Days Motherboard Pro DOA Warranty
DFI Warranty


Tags : CMOS Teaming technology audio CODEC CoreTM i7 processors
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