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5 Ways to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to a PC

5 Ways to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone to a PC

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They're your photos – you should be able to have them and share them wherever you want! The iPhone is the most popular individual phone in the history of global mobile devices, and with that popularity comes compatibility and flexibility. This means that accessing your photos on the iPhone is just as easy as taking the photos in the first place, but some users feel overwhelmed when considering what the best way to export the photos from the phone to a PC is. Here, we'll review five simple ways you can do just that.

Via Simple USB Transfer

Using a standard iPhone USB cable, you can quickly retrieve all of your photos from any iPhone onto a PC. Simply plug the iPhone into one end of the cable and the other end into the PC, wait for the PC to recognize it, and then navigate to My Computer. From here, right click on the iPhone (shows up as a hard drive) and select “Import Pictures and Videos”. All of these will then be saved to the “My Photos” folder.

Via Email

When no cables are around or high-tech solutions are desired, a simple email can be used to transfer photos from the iPhone to the PC. You can create an email, add attachments in the form of photos to the email, and then send it to the email address of your choice (slow email and internet? Consider and ditch your carrier today). From there, the photos can be downloaded from the email client onto the PC. Perhaps the simplest way to transfer just 1 or 2 pre-existing photos, many people utilise this when they don't have large amounts of photos to transfer.

Via Dropbox

If you already have Dropbox enabled on your computer and iPhone, then this process is simple. Otherwise, you'll need to sign up for an account, download the client to your PC and the app to your iPhone. Once logged in on both ends, simply open the Dropbox app on your iPhone and click the upload button. You'll be able to select which photos you wish to add. It'll take a few minutes to synchronise, but once done, you'll be able to access these photos from Dropbox on your PC.

Via iCloud

All iPhones come with available iCloud service, which allows photos to be synced across multiple devices. Simply enable iCloud in your iPhone's settings and then activate the Photo Stream function. After this, download iCloud Control Panel directly to your computer and install it. Any photos taken before iCloud was enabled – as well as videos – won't be synced, but this is a great option for future plans.

Bluetooth Wireless

One final option that can be used in some cases is Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. If your PC has a wireless connectivity card of any sort – or Bluetooth enabled – then the PC and the iPhone can be paired together in order to transmit files. While the overall process is fairly simple, it can vary by PC. Your PC manufacturer will usually explain how file transfer between PC and mobile devices can be configured.

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