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Cloud vs VPS – Which Type of Hosting is Best?

Cloud vs VPS – Which Type of Hosting is Best?

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When starting a business website, entrepreneurs have to make a decision when it comes to the type of web hosting that they wish to go for. Making a decision between Virtual Private Server (VPS) and cloud-based web hosting, two of the most popular hosting options, is essential to the successful running of your company. The final choice that you make will, largely, depend on your specific requirements and the types of resources that you need. Whilst there are certain similarities between the two different hosting types, it’s important to note that each option has a set of strengths and weaknesses which make each better suited to various websites and organisations. The type of hosting that you choose can make or break your website.

Security and Control

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are in many ways similar to dedicated servers as they give the user the option to completely control all of their resources. On the other hand, cloud servers are quite the opposite, storing data across any number of redundant servers, rendering it impossible to know where any specific piece of data is stored at any given time. Because of this, data security is largely out of the user’s control when using cloud-based web hosting. If security and control is important to you, opting for VPS hosting may be the better choice as it allows for antivirus software and firewalls which provide better data control to the user. However, if control is not an important factor to you and you are willing to rely on your web host for data security, cloud hosting could be more suitable. Click here for more information.


When it comes to making a choice between cloud-based or VPS hosting, performance should be one of the main priorities. Whilst VPS hosting is basically ‘slicing up’ a server machine in order to ensure that every user is allocated the resources they have purchased, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the performance of virtual private servers can often be affected during peak times due to high user numbers on the same machine. However, cloud-based servers do not often have this problem as since they do not use a single physical machine, there is no need to divide use between users.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) doesn’t start with analytics and keywords, it actually begins when you choose a web hosting provider and plan. Recent changes to Google’s algorithm and SEO guidelines mean that slow-loading websites earn SEO penalties from Google which can cause their ranking to suffer, resulting in your choice of server being more important than ever before. Whilst a dedicated server may be the best option to guarantee fast website loading, it’s also an expensive option that not all business owners can afford. When it comes to website loading, cloud-based hosting is recommended over VPS hosting due to minimal downtime and inaccessibility.

When starting a business website, the type of hosting that you choose is hugely important. Knowing which type of hosting best suits your needs is crucial to website success.

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