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Why hosting in Europe

Why hosting in Europe

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What are the factors that one should consider while finalizing the most appropriate data-center location to host a server system? The most important consideration that the experts recommend is the availability of a reliable network with high-speed connection to an internet exchange that serves your target market.

Proximity to the target audience is one of the most vital determinants in this regard. It has the potential to cause far-flung implications on the performance of a website.

Moreover, one should also evaluate the legal, political and environmental risks to come to a sensible conclusion.

The advent of cloud computing and content distribution networks may persuade people to believe that the physical location of computer server is no longer particularly important.

However, that's far from being true.

You can have a definite edge over your rival websites by hosting your web server as close to your targeted readership as possible.

Let's now find out why you should consider hosting your server in an European data-center if the European countries are your primary target markets.

Low Network Latency:

'Latency' - a much-maligned term in the web hosting industry that does not get the attention it deserves. It can be defined as the amount of time required for a web server to receive and process a page load request initiated by a remote computer.

Latency is an extremely important factor to determine the performance of a web server. Network latency is inversely proportional to the performance of your host server. Increased latency causes potential reduction in throughput.

That means, your website will respond slower with an increase in network latency.

Latency is measured in RTT (Round Trip Time) - which is nothing but the overall duration for a request to propagate from source to destination and receive a response back. The greater is the distance between a visitor and the host server, the higher goes the RTT. In technical terms, you will experience 'high latency' if the source and destination systems are located far away from one another.

Round Trip Time (RTT) mainly depends on two factors -

  1. The distance that data has to travel between your server and the user.
  2. Number of ‘hops’ the transmitted data has to make between networks.
  The network latency is at its minimum when both the source and destination systems are located at the same place.

That's the main reason to go for an European hosting provider when Europe is your target market.

Improved Presence in Search Engine Results:

Physical location of the server is one of the factors that search engines consider while ascertaining the relevace of your website to the visitors from a particular country.

A website’s ranking on Google/Yahoo/Bing will get a definite boost if the visitors' physical location matches the location of the hosted server - especially when it comes to local search results.

Besides, page loading time is also directly linked to search engine optimization. Search algorithms are more likely to show the faster loading websites on top of the search results.

You can improve your page loading time by strategically choosing the server location, which will subsequently help in placing your website on top of the Google Search results.

To sum things up - if majority of your customers are located in Europe, then your primary goal should be to provide them a server physically located on their side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Which Particular Location in Europe?

If you are targeting visitors from a particular European country, then it's best to host your server over there. However, it's not so straightforward in-case your target market covers a vast geographic area ranging across national boundaries.

As each website has its own set of preferences and objectives, the best European location to host a particular website will depend on its unique requirements. In case your intended readership is scattered throughout the entire continent, then the most ideal scenario would be to go for a central European location.

At present, hosting in Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS-IX) is emerging as the most preferred data-center location for Europe-based businesses of all sizes. From a statistical point of view, Amsterdam Internet Exchange has surpassed Frankfurt (DE-CIX), London (LNX) and Equinix (USA/EU) when throughput and member count are taken in to consideration. This amazing growth for AMS-IX is not for no reason though.

Let us now have a closer look at the advantages of hosting your physical server in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Lower power costs in Amsterdam

Power consumption constitutes a significant percentage of the overall cost involved in data-center operations.

The actual cost on power consumption is directly proportional to the price of per unit electricity in that location.

Quite obviously, the data-center service providers turn to the customers for compensating the financial burden incurred to power the servers, buildings and cooling systems.

As the cost of electricity is substantially lesser in Netherlands compared to the UK and the USA, AMS-IX is able to offer superior quality services for a lesser price.

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